Membership in the Weirdo Collective 

The goal of this endeavor is to give your content more exposure and allow researchers to have a pool of collected insights and wisdom to explore.

This is a free membership that can be ended at-will by either party at any time with written notice, no hard feelings! (I mean that.)

What members get

  • A user login to maintain your information and posts
  • Creator profile page
  • Ability to post links to your external website, online store, social media, and fundraising links
  • Embed event calendars so people can know about your upcoming events
  • Embed Google Forms (as long as they don’t require file uploads) so you can have people sign up for services directly on your profile page.

What happens with your content

  • Your RSS feed will be added to the main feed of the Collective. Content will be pulled onto the site and linked back to your primary feed. It is your content and you retain full copyright.
  • Your content will be searchable on the site! This means the Collective will be a database of current and ongoing discovery for individuals who wish to research specific topics.  

What I get

  • This will remain an ad-free site. I WILL NOT profit off your posts directly.
  • I will post a “donate” button by the About The Weirdo Collective box, so people who wish to support the cost of hosting and maintenance can contribute.
  • The Weirdo Collective is run under Riverside Productions, LLC, the company I own so I can get paid for gig work.

Requirements for membership

  • Create content that is weird. What’s that? Paranormal, esoteric, spiritual, philosophical. Weird. 
  • Agree to the Membership Standards (outlined in the next section)

I’m not going to judge your writing or your podcasting or your art. It just has to be weird, kind, and curious!

Membership Standards

As the founder and manager of the Weirdo Collective site, I, Theresa Meis, am committed to creating an environment that puts curiosity first and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

The Standards

Any creators who wish to be included on the Weirdo Collective site must agree to the following:

  • Members WILL NOT use language that is commonly understood to be derogatory toward any individuals or class of individual based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. This excludes common swear words.  
  • Members WILL NOT interview guests who are known members of hate groups or who espouse ideas that are associated with hate groups as identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center or who use dog whistles and hate symbols identified by the Anti-Defamation League


I will always contact creators directly about concerns raised regarding content or guests.

I will always make a good-faith effort to speak with you before doing anything. I will attempt contact twice, but if I do not hear back within a week, I will make a call using my best judgment.

I know that it is impossible to fully vet every guest’s history. If a past guest is identified as a member of a hate group, I will ask that you remove any content involving that individual from The Weirdo Collective.

I will be taking a Justice Potter Stewart “I know it when I see it” approach to offensive behaviors.

Membership can be ended at-will by either party at any time with written notice. 

How to join

Click the button to fill out the form!