Every person in this province knows this story, and I’m sure if you’re from Argentina, you already know what we’re going to talk about here. Everyone who sees her says the same; she wears all white clothes, all from her time (1870s). Others may say they saw her in mortuary clothing just because of her disgrace, but all the people are on the same page with something—she’s always crying. Every 30th of January, she appears in the church that her family built in her honor.

Her story is a very sad one; disgrace always accompanied her. She got married at 15, had two children, and one of them died at a young age. She also lost her husband when she was 26 years old. All the men in the city were trying to date her, but when she chose one, another who wasn’t chosen decided to take her life away out of jealousy. After her death, her grieving family decided to build a church on the back of the very same house she lived in.

So, every 30th of January, she appears on the tallest tower of the church, just right next to the window, to cry for the life and love she couldn’t have.

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