Wise County in general is known to be a pretty eerie place to some of the locals already but not much has been reported on the matter. I had heard stories from my grandmother and how she use to go out and explore places at night just to check things out. She’s a big believer in all things paranormal and spooky. She told me about her experience at Wizard Wells Cemetery and how haunted it was, so I decided to take a friend with me to check it out. We didn’t see any ghosts or orbs like my grandmother had told me about, but we did hear in the distance what sounded like howls and yelps, but it didn’t sound anything like a coyote we have locally around here. It almost sounded a strange mix between a human and animal. However, my friend and I were the only people there. The cemetery itself is practically in the middle of nowhere in the woods. I knew right away that we shouldn’t be there…. Putting my car out of park I drove as far away from that place as possible. Needless to say, I’m never going there at night again.

Submitted by Raechel

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