APRIL 2020

I can not stress this enough on how sober i was when this took place. i was a heavy drinker at the time so this is important for me to share. I was working on a ranch pretty high up river from Riggins when this took place. we relied on a genorater on a property so lights were out by 10 that night. the property was huge, the only accsess to the property was by boat or by mule if you were up for it. i knew of two deaths on the property at the time, described to me as beautiful people who loved the property with all their heats. My manager, his two sisters, his son, and I were hanging outside admiring the stars after a party around midnight. The dad sent his son to go grab some snacks for us, the kid took the sober sister with him just for fun. i watched them walk down the hill into the building. the sister stayed outside as the kid went in. i saw his hand go up before he vanished into the dark building. then i saw the sister pokeing her head threw the door and walking around to the side door. seconds later the son comes out threw the front door just as confused. they came back up, food in a container with painters tape on it that read my name. How my name is spelled, isnt the easiest thing to spell. the son told me that when he walked in he saw someone sitting in our other managers chair. he said hello, walked to the kitchen got the food and wanted to put my name on it to show off he could spell it. he said he was having a hard time and someone spelled my name out to him. cutting to the sister, she said she saw a shadow walk past the door cutting to the side door.


cutting to the aliens on the same night less then half an hour apart, were hanging out on a small cliff side, watching the milkyway. then all of the sudden we see sadilites moving a little too fast and all over the place. we watch three or four of em bobbing and weeving stars. looked liked they were playing tag mixed with hide and seek. that lasted for about five but felt more like an hour. with them still wizzing around we see one make a sharp turn and stop right above us. and again i was stone cold sober!! a BIG WHITE LIGHT shown down on up for about three to five seconds. it felt more like someone was just taking a picture of us with the falash on then anything. its been a couple of years since that happend so i dont fully remember going back to my cabin, Other than people looking at me crazy when i talked about it to my other coworkers. i just hope the goofy photo them aliens took of us that nigh, still hangs up on their wall or what ever and that their night was just as cool as ours.

Submitted by Kyle R

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