JUNE 2004

My best friend and I used to burn our school papers we didn’t need, in a kind of healing/cleansing process. The house is on a long pond, called the Mill Pond. Across the pond is a pine tree forest. To the extreme left of where we were burning, is a train bridge, high high up.

One night we were finished and sitting in chairs, watching the fire. All of a sudden, we both caught lights out of the corner of our eyes. Hovering over the Mill Pond was a classic ufo. Disc shaped, with lights that changed, kind of like that game Simon. But huge and in the sky. It was silent. We both got to our feet, and I remember feeling like I couldn’t move from there. The ufo hovered over the pond, before going up high above the train bridge, where it hovered for some time. Then it disappeared into the forest across the pond. We put out the fire and ran into the house!

Submitted by Katie

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