I have so many weird experiences surrounding Land Between the Lakes/Murray area. I went to college there. Friends and I would drive out looking for ghosts or whatever we could get into.

This incident involved five people—three in a car in front and two in the truck behind. I was in the truck passenger seat. It was late—after 10pm or so. We were driving around this area, looked up and saw three large creatures flying overhead. Wingspans looked about 6-8ft, but always hard to tell with objects in the sky at night. Weird thing, they looked like bat wings, not bird wings. Texted the car up front to see if they saw them. Got a panicked phone call from the person in the backseat asking what they were and how all of them saw the creatures. It was wild.

We all saw a lot of things in those woods. Unexplained flashes of light in both day and night. Weird animal behavior (owls attacking drivers and huge herds of deer grazing on the pavement during a lunar eclipse; coyotes hanging up on campers in tents; unexplained noises from out in the woods that sometimes sounded like someone screaming and sometimes sounded like someone laughing, etc.)

This was before smartphones, so there aren’t photos, but we did take a recording once. It was weird because we thought out friend was possessed, but then she came out of it. That alone was strange but can be explained away. What couldn’t be explained away was a weird gravely noise on the tape that started when the friend started shrieking at the top of her lungs, then laughing maniacally, but stopped as soon as she stopped.

I’ve lived a lot of places and seen a lot of things, but that area of Kentucky is…. It’s just strange. Add in the Hopkinsville Goblins an hour away, the Vampire clans of Murray, and the unexplained cryptids of Bigfoot and Mothman type entities and the flooding of the homes to build the waterways… let’s just say, Appalachia’s monsters may have dispersed into the foothills and taken up residence, proliferating in a protected haven.

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