SEPTEMBER 16, 2023

I was walking from the South entrance of Knole Park along the flat bit, then started walking the steep incline up towards Knole House. I was there to photograph Deer and it was pre-sunrise. Approximately 6.00 am.
As I got about a third of the way up the hill ,I felt a need to turn and look back, as if I was being watched.
I looked back down the hill and saw a figure a little back from the hill facing towards me. They were in a long coat or cloak and held an umbrella above their head. There was no rain or sun at this time. Something seemed ‘not right” so I stared for a while but then felt uncomfortable so turned around and made my way quickly up the hill with the hairs on my arms standing on end.
When I got to the top I looked back but no one was there.

Submitted by Lee P.

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