In 2020 I moved from Newfoundland, an island off the east coast of Canada, to the city of London in southwest Ontario. I was extremely homesick during this time and covid locking everything down certainly wasn’t helping. The only thing I could do was walk my dog.
With randonauting you set your intention by focusing on a thought—I was homesick so I thought about home in Newfoundland, and really felt it. I then walked to the random point generated on my map, about 20 mins away, and found myself standing in front of a house with an unmistakable Newfoundland-themed souvenir mailbox. I was thousands of kilometres from home—it really blew my mind.
A couple of weeks later I tried again. Once again I thought about home, this time I was wearing a t-shirt of a local TV station. Once I got to this new random location I ran into a group of people who were parting ways. As soon as I got to the exact location where the point landed, a guy walked passed me then turned around and said “hey is that an NTV shirt? I’m from Newfoundland.” He was even from the same city.
Finally I tried for a third time, this time I was walking my dog down a street I’d never been on and once again I thought of home. This time a random point was generated directly on top of my apartment, which was several blocks away.

So much of randonauting can be chalked up to confirmation bias but these three examples really broke my brain. If it had happened once then I could shrug it off or dismiss it as coincidence, but three times in such specific ways feels pretty conclusive.

Submitted by Mike
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