EARLY 2000’s 

I was heading back from a long walk across the big field near my home. I had to cut across some railroad tracks and then the smaller field belonging to 94 S. Pleasant St. to get back onto the road. As I came up over the tracks and looked down into that small field I saw, in my peripheral vision, a blond teenage boy in a blaze orange t-shirt standing in the field. When I turned to look at him directly he wasn’t a boy at all, but a young deer. This could have been (and most likely was) my eyes playing tricks on me, but the encounter stuck in my head for some reason and I remembered reading fairy stories where you could only see things properly when you looked at them sideways, or through a holey stone. I’ve seen other strange things in the area since, so I’m less likely to dismiss it now than I was then.

Submitted by Anonymous
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