2021 (APPROX.)

One time in 2021 I woke up on a notably hot summer night at about 2 am. I was facing towards the wall in my bed and the side of my body I was laying on was getting really warm, so I rolled over to face my bedroom doorway. Right there in the doorframe, about 10 feet away from me, was this extremely tall black figure. It was almost shadow-like, it had no fingers, no toes, and its body shape was even off. I kid you not, this thing was literally 9 feet tall and had to crouch to fit in my doorway. It slowly grasped the top of my doorway and two small blank white eyes appeared in it’s head. I squinted hard and stared into its beady white eyes. The strangest thing about this is that I didn’t feel like I was in any danger at all. Surprisingly, I felt… safer than normal. The energy this figure radiated made me feel so secure.


But then I ruined the whole thing.

I pinched my arm to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and surely enough I let out a painful “Ow!”

The figure seemed almost startled by my explanation and I could kind of sense that I scared it. Its small white eyes quickly faded away, and it took its hand off of my doorframe and silently sprinted down the stairs and disappeared into the darkness.

What. Just. Happened.

I yelled for my dad and he sleepily stumbled into my bedroom and groaned, “What?”

I asked him if he had came to check on me a few seconds ago and, confused, he shook his head with this spooked expression.

Judging by the fact that my brother and I shared a room and he slept in his bed only two feet away from me, the creature couldn’t have been him. It was way too tall. Plus, the next morning my dad said that my mom was with him in bed all night and she hadn’t gotten out of bed once.

This experience hadn’t really spooked me that much. I felt safe with the creature but I never saw it again.

Submitted by “Some Guy”



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