MARCH 8, 2023

The Spadra Cemetery is one of the few remaining relics of the former boom town Spadra that was founded by William Rubottom in 1866. Currently the cemetery is only open on Halloween for historical tours. Years ago my husband and I decided to check out the Halloween tour. We had difficulty finding the location of the cemetery due to the fact that the area is mostly industrial warehouses and shipping locations. We turned the car around in a parking lot of a Gentlemen’s Club parking lot that was directly across the street and I instantly felt unsettled. In my mind I could see the image of myself in darkness being grabbed by unknown arms that held me down as I was stabbed in the stomach. I laughed off the disturbing image and we continued onward to find the cemetery entrance.

The tour itself was interesting and nothing felt super creepy to me until the end of the tour. Another groups guide asked us “Did anyone see the Gentlemen’s Club across the street?” We all said yes. The guide continued with “That club used to be a saloon back in the days of Spadra. People would get into bar fights and kill each other.” He then pointed to a far corner of the cemetery “That’s where they are buried in unmarked graves.” I felt a cold numbness in my stomach as I processed what he was saying.

As of 2023 the Spadra Cemetery is closed year round with the exception of Halloween tours. The Gentleman’s Club is now a construction wholesale warehouse.

Submitted by J.K.

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