My Experience:
TYPE OF OBJECT(S) SEEN: Two dimensional light and then three dimensional bioluminescent “glowing” and “rotating” sphere/ orb.
DATE OF EVENT: Spring 1988
LOCATION OF EVENT: Colorado Springs CO
TIME OF DAY: Around 1A.M. (night time)
AREA OF EVENT: Basement and first floor of house.
DURATION OF EVENT: Total time less than two minutes.
SIZE OF OBJECT(S): The two dimensional light was maybe a little larger than a quarter coin. The three dimensional orb was a little smaller than the two dimensional light. About the size of a rubber ball from a vending machine. I believe all objects seen were aspects or parts of a single thing.


This occurred in the spring of 1988. In Colorado Springs Colorado. I was about seventeen and a half years old. Our family had a three story house consisting of a ground floor, a second floor and a basement. This was pretty common for houses in Colorado built after the 1960’s. We lived in a suburban housing neighborhood built n the mid to late 1970’s, near the foot hills of Cheyenne Mountain.

As a teenager I wanted more space, so I made the large room in the basement my “bedroom”. This was a recreation room with a conversation pit on the east end. (If you don’t know what a conversation pit is just google image search it). I threw a mattress into the conversation pit and made it my bed.

One night, I assume I went to bed around my usual time between 10:30 to 11:30. Then in what I thought was the middle of the night, I instantly woke up. This was very odd because I was one of those people that hit the pillow and then slept right through the night. And then woke up in the morning, raring to go. So instantly waking up in the middle of the night was odd for me. More odd was I felt I was being watched when I woke up and instantly looked over to the west wall. I noticed a small round patch of light on the wall. Like a two dimensional patch or reflection of light that you normally could see on walls at night. It was about 24-30 inches up from the floor. It was about the size of a quarter and a neutral white color. If I had to guess I’d say about 3500 to 4500 degrees Kelvin in color temperature. I stared at the light for several seconds from across the room and thought, where is that light coming from?

So I got up and slowly walked towards the round patch of light on the west wall which was probably about 20 to 22 feet away from me. I remember looking to the left at the south wall where there were two window wells to see if the light was coming in from outside. I saw nothing coming in from the basement windows. As I got about half way to the west wall I noticed the light shimmered. As I took another step or two the light looked like a fuzzy snowflake like pattern that was rotating slowly. I remember slowly approaching the light because I was confused where it was coming from and as I got a few feet from the west wall I noticed it wasn’t just a light on the wall.  As I stood a few feet away looking down at the patch of light on the wall, I noticed a luminescent ball maybe a few to several inches in front of the light on the west wall. This ball orb like thing was a little smaller than the light on the wall.  But still about quarter size. And it was just hovering perfectly in place.

At this point, I’m just standing there, looking down at this ball shaped thing, while my mind is trying to process it. And I want to make clear, that from across the room and until I got a bird’s eye view of this ball orb thing, I never saw it, even though it was in front of the light on the wall. And I do believe the ball orb thingy was always there when I was approaching the west wall. The best way I can describe it is like if you come up upon a mirror from an angle and see an object reflected in it. The object was always there but you just couldn’t see it until you saw the mirror at the correct angle.

So I’m looking down at the ball orb thingy and it is rotating. It rotated at least one direction maybe two. I’m pretty sure clockwise west to east but maybe also clockwise south to north. And I say that because the rotation made the orb look like it had two halves. The rotation also maybe had a slight nanosecond pause or it had a slight slow down that helped give it that halved rotating perception. The moment where I get a good look at the ball orb thingy happened several seconds later but I want to describe it now. The orb over all looked kind of like a bioluminescent jellyfish. Not jellyfish shaped but it had a jellyfish bioluminescent quality. But instead of an organic soft jellyfish like skin the orb had a “shell” that looked rigid. And as mentioned, it rotated. I say “shell” because the orb was bioluminescent and I could see into it even as it rotated. And the inside didn’t rotate or spin with the outer “shell” and looked very much like the inside of a jellyfish.  Meaning more organic and bioluminescent. I have no idea what the “shell” was made out of. Don’t know if the shell was energy, light, a clear material or translucent skin. The shell rotation was quick but slow enough for me to see that it rotated. And there seemed to be a glow or energy around the entire orb that looked almost like that hazy diffused glow from a neon sign. What was odd about the glow from the orb is it looked cooler or more blue then the light on the wall. I would say easily 6000+ degrees Kelvin.  I don’t remember the object making any noise.

So after I just looked at the orb rotate for a few seconds I looked back at the light on the wall. Which was still looking like a diffused or out of focus snowflake pattern rotating.  And that’s when I noticed there was a shape of light between the light on the wall and the orb. It was shaped like two very small back to back projector beams. Almost like an hour glass shape. It seemed to be weak light filled with moving or floating particles. It was closer to color temperature to the light on the wall but dimmer or darker. Like it almost wasn’t there. I used the term projector beam because it looked like when you are at a movie theater and turn around and look back at the  beam of the movie projector. And similar when you look at a movie projector beam you can see distortion in the beam from the celluloid strip passing in front of it and all the particles of dust floating in a movie projector’s beam of light, I could see some kind of distortion and particles in this weak hazy beam. Which I took as energy. But of course I have no idea if it was really energy. Just a guess my mind made at the time.

So I look back at the orb and watch it rotate for several seconds. (This is the actual point where I saw through the rotation of the “shell” and into the orb and notice the inside wasn’t rotating that I mentioned earlier). With the “shell” rotating and the orb being so small, I can’t see inside perfectly. It just looked very organic jellyfish like from what I could see. This whole time I have not been scared because I was just dumbfounded at what I was seeing. But looking into this thing and realizing I have ZERO idea of what I’m looking at, I got a bit weirded out by the organic nature of it. I remember getting a very human and not human feeling that seemed confusing. And remember thinking, what is this? That’s when I just instinctively tried to touch it. As I reached down to poke it. The ball orb thingy starts to fly away. Instinctively I run after it. The orb follows along the west wall until the end and turns right at the north wall where the stairs are. It flies along the wall, up the stairs. I can tell it’s following the wall because the two dimensional light was on the wall and stairway. From when it took off and from when it reached the top of the stairs was less than three seconds. I see the light along the wall at the top of the stairs to the main floor hallway as I bound up the stairs behind it. I thought I saw it go left at the top of the stairs. I reach the top of the stairs and as I’m turning my head I see something out of the corner of my eye. To this day I’m not sure of what I saw. But I think the orb had sped up and passed through the solid glass window next to the front door and disappeared.

What I remember seeing was a streak of light going through the window and then disappearing into the night. But I am not positive about that. It happened so fast and I only saw it out of the corner of my eye.
Still trying to see it, I run to the window next to the front door and look out and see nothing unusual. Several seconds later I hear my father say my name. I look behind me and up because the stairs that go to the top floor are right at the entrance to the front door. My father is standing on the top floor landing. He asks if there is anything wrong. I asked him something like, did you see anything. He replied no. I remember just looking back out the window. My dad clearly was awakened by me bounding up the stairs and making a lot of noise chasing the orb. I don’t think me or my dad said anything else that night. I was still in shock from being totally perplexed at what I had just seen. I remember going into the living room and seeing the time on the VCR and realizing I had only been asleep for a couple of hours before this happened.

The adrenaline was wearing off and I got a little freaked out. I didn’t want to go back to sleep. I stayed up a while but eventually convinced myself maybe it was a police officer shining a light through a window. Which would have been physically impossible and wouldn’t of explained in any shape or form ANY of the orb stuff I saw. But in hindsight, I realized to move on, I had to rationalize the event. Because what I saw was a billion times more strange than anything I had or have seen in my entire life.

The next morning I was still weirded out. I asked my dad if he remembered seeing me at the front door last night and if we talked for a moment. I knew he was going to say yes. But a part of me wanted him to say no.  He of course said “yes”. Still weirded out, I decided to go over to a friends house just to have a normal conversation, so I could try to stop thinking about the orb. I went over to my friends house. He had another friend who was already there. They were talking about lacrosse. I give a shit less about lacrosse. But I sat there and listened the entire time trying to distract myself from the shock I was feeling of still having no idea what I saw.

About a year later I told my best friend about it. But not in detail. Several year after that I told another couple of other friends and my sister about it. But not in detail. I told a couple more friends briefly about. Then in the last decade, I told my future spouse about it in brief. It was not until 2021, after seeing articles about the Nimitz “encounter” I told my spouse and an old friend in detail about it. I could remember the event clearly. Not perfectly. But very clearly, which I find very odd. This thing was still imprinted on my mind. I think because I really never talked about in super detail about it. It was bottled up in my brain like an archive.

I have never seen anything even close to the bizarreness and perplexing nature of that experience in 1988. No other sightings or events.  At the time, I took it as other worldly. But the event was so strange it could probably be a lot of things. I truly have no idea what it was. That is the reason I am still curious about the experience. I would be fine if turns out to be something mundane. But it didn’t seem mundane. Quite the opposite by exponential leaps and bounds. I have given consideration to it being a dream but my father confirmed he saw me that night standing and speaking. The event was and is nothing like hypnogogic vision. I have had hypnogogic visions when I am tired and they are nothing like the event I experienced. The experience was something I saw up close and coherently like any other moment in waking life. I have considered if my mind was physically effected by an outside source. Seeing as this happened in a basement in Colorado, I researched if Radon gas might have caused this. But apparently Radon gas generally does not cause hallucinations. And certainly does not cause them with out other severe symptoms of Radon poisoning. And physical health wise, I felt 100% normal during and after the event. Also I had and have never taken recreational drugs. I’m open to the idea it was a mental break in the brain. But seeing as it was less than two minutes, I felt fine, it seemed as real and anything else in my life and I still remember most details about it. It seems very unlikely it would be a one time mental break with a vivid 100% realistic hallucination. But I guess not impossible. I know and have known people with Schizophrenia, bi polar disorders, severe panic attacks and various other mental illnesses and none of those fit the bill. Especially not for just two minutes of your life and then never again.

I have zero proof for this experience and certainly don’t except or even care if anyone believes it. I’m certainly not trying to convince anyone of anything. I have no big takes on it except that it is what I experienced. I can’t tell anyone what it might have been. I can only describe the event. The experience has maybe made me more open to new ideas in all aspects of life. But I never took the experience as spiritual. I tend to get my spiritual experiences from learning, seeing and creating art and having good conversations. All I can say is the experience seemed 100% real and a billion times more bizarre than anything else I have experienced in my life. This was obviously decades ago and I have found no answers and I don’t really except to find any. But I’m still curious because the experience was so real and so perplexing.

TOTAL TIME OF EVENT= Less than 2 minutes.

Submitted by Swink

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