JUNE 10, 2023

I was out on a night walk near the edge of Thielenbucher Forest in Cologne, NRW, Germany. I kept hearing unusually loud movement coming from bushes that unsettled me due to the near pitch darkness I was in. I stopped in my tracks when I heard said sounds originate from a hedge right across from me. I unlocked my phone to ask my girlfriend to pick me up but my attempts were disrupted by what appeared to be a set of arms attempting to make their way through the hedge. I could not exactly see what it was but I could see the hedge deform in two seperate places and assumed. It was that dark out.

I pointed my phone in the general direction of the hedge and snapped a pic using my phone’s built in night mode (which illuminates the area through prologned exposure I think). Before I could click on the image to view it, I heard more noise coming from right beside the hedge. It was a loud , wooden thump. I then decided to just continue walking straight because I did not feel like dealing with this at all. After around 10 meters or so, I bumped into something. It moved and started following me. I picked up the pace and left.

Submitted by Brooklyn C
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