MAY 2021

I had been visiting family, and before the flight home, I stopped by the Historic Price House, which I’d been told to check out as it was relatively nearby. The house sits on the site of a former plantation, and is also the site of the crash (and death) of three US Air Force members who were training just before WWII. The house, along with surrounding property and a few buildings, is fenced off, with the gate open during operating hours. When I arrived, the gate was open, and didn’t have any visible signs regarding operating hours, so I drove in and stepped out of my car to take a few photos. I heard the sounds of men yelling angrily from the far end of the property. Thinking someone was coming to ask me what I was doing, I stopped and stood in a spot near my vehicle. Despite waiting for a moment, no one appeared. Assuming maybe some workers had just been yelling to one another (there had been signs of road maintenance further down the road), I ventured forth and into a small cabin close by that was said to be a re-creation of a cabin that enslaved plantation workers would have lived in.

There was no one around except a vehicle closer to the main house (in a different direction than the yelling voices), so I carefully ventured into the cabin. Inside were displays depicting what life was like for enslaved workers at that particular plantation as well as the general area, and there were a few photos and stories from people who had been freed depicted on the signs. I took a few photos (I felt a strong urge to preserve these displays and memories, as I often do with older or abandoned places) and one short video.

Shortly after entering the cabin, I detected a change in the room. I would describe it much like the way in which you can close your eyes alone in a quiet room and be able to tell when someone has entered even if you don’t hear them. (Maybe it’s a pressure change, maybe it’s a slight moving of the air.) This feeling had been constant shortly after entering the cabin. After taking a short video to get a sense of the size of the interior, I stopped and stood motionless as I heard a sudden creaking of floorboards. A distinct thud occurred across the room from me, sounding very much like a footstep. Despite the old wooden floors of the cabin, I looked down and saw that the boards I was standing on weren’t near the boards where the footstep sound had occurred. The same footstep happened again, slightly closer, and the creaking of the floorboard where the step had landed could be heard again (on a different board this time). No other sounds could be heard from outside (the air outside was suffocatingly still and stagnant, as it is around that time of year.) Desiring to be respectful, I said loudly but calmly “Thank you for letting me visit and see this. I won’t bother you any more,” and then moved towards the door. Before taking the first step towards the door, the creaking and footsteps stopped, and the feeling of someone else being in the room disappeared.

I stepped outside and walked back to my vehicle, never seeing a single person or employee the entire time. It wasn’t until I drove down the road and around the outside fence (the property is at an intersection, with two main roads passing on two sides of the property), that I saw the actual sign for the property, showing that the operating hours didn’t start until 20 minutes later (although I never saw a single employee during my few minutes of visiting.)

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