The 1953 Martian Monkey Hoax: at the time Georgia’s most enduring unsolved mystery! This scandal grabbed the imagination of international newspapers, and the poor judgement of bad veterinarians, sparking the annoyed granddaddy of Georgian forensic science himself to crack the case within just a few hours! 

Nevertheless, this odd story is now forever catalogued within the annals of Georgian forensic history via a pickled-up monkey carcass, safely tucked away in a so-called museum of the GBI crime lab. 

Landen joins to further dissect this 70-year-old corpse and share his own encounters with it at his former job! Yes, whenever we talk small-town museums or rotting corpses, Landen is always eager to hop onboard! 

Along the way he further demolishes our sensibilities by discussing autopsies of beloved pets, a lethally vicious dog attack case, cattle mutilation and how to determine whether Chupacabra victims are actually drained of blood! But most disturbing of all, we get hungry by the end and start talking food again…


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Landen from Autopsy. Podcast for consistently fucking my show over by bringing up disturbing stuff nobody ever wanted to know! I “totally” did not ask for any of this beforehand 🤣

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