Horsegirl Kat, an avid horse rider, joins to discuss a dark secret we have willfully ignored throughout the centuries.

Are horses bloodthirsty carnivorous killers? From baby chicks, to human testicles, to even others of their kind, horses have consistently been witnessed throughout history devouring meat and sipping on blood. When pitted against mountain lions, tigers or even humans, they are capable of mercilessly eliminating their enemies!

Are they true monsters, or is this the result of mingling with humans for 6 thousand years? All of this and more… may be answered in the book we read! If you desire facts, why are you listening to podcasts? Go read a book!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Katrina for sharing her badassery with us while high on caffeine!

I am also sending this heart to Pippin, such a cute boy ❤️

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⁠Mares of Diomedes BBC News⁠

⁠The grim story of the Snowy Mountains cannibal horses

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