Lindsay shares her research into the sad story of an abused woman lost to history and falsely mythologized as a monster.

TRIGGER WARNING: This is a very harsh, very sad episode about abuse, racism, mistreatment of women, child loss and a whole plethora of ethical issues which led cryptid nuts, scientists, and even the public to label an abuse victim as not just less than human… but a Yeti of all things! 

We shed light on a very important topic, as we attempt to bring back the humanity to a voice which was never heard.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Lindsay Valenty from Ye Olde Crime Podcast for pulling through this terrible topic and helping shed light on an important story that should be told ❤️

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Margaryan, Ashot & Sinding, Mikkel-Holger & Carøe, Christian & Yamshchikov, Vladimir & Burtsev, Igor & Gilbert, M.. (2021). The genomic origin of Zana of Abkhazia. Advanced Genetics. 2. 10.1002/ggn2.10051. 

⁠DNA Test Suggests Russian Apewoman Zana Was Truly A Yeti Medium⁠

⁠Is this Raantas akin to Zana?

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