This week, my good friend Steve Berg (Host of the wonderful podcast, Hi, Strangeness) returns to the pod to talk about Nebraska weirdness, the old guard and their old ways, making friends in paranormal circles, and we recommend a ton of books!

Steve’s List

Alien Dawn by Colin Wilson

Above Top Secret by Timothy Good

Origins of the Gods: Qesem Cave, Skinwalkers, and Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences by Andrew Collins & Gregory L. Little

Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults by Jacques Vallee

Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Other World by Patrick Harpur

Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs by John Keel

People of the Web: What Indian Mounds, Ancient Rituals, and Stone Circles Tell Us About Modern UFO Abductions, Apparitions, and the Near Death Experience by Gregory L. Little

Rob’s List

Somewhere in the Skies by Ryan Sprague

The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs by Mark O’Connell

The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials by Patrick Huyghe (Illustrations by Harry Trumbore)

Synchronicity: Science, Myth and the Trickster by Allan Combs and Mark Holland

When Prophecy Fails by Leon Festinger, Henry W. Riecken & Stanley Schachter

Saucers, Spooks and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius by Adam Gorightly

Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack

The Humanoids by Charles Bowen

Dimensions: A Case Book of Alien Contact by Jacques Vallee

Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact by Jacques Vallee

Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception by Jacques Vallee

UFOs and Abductions in Brazil by Irene Granchi

UFOs Over Africa by Cynthia Hind

It Defies Language! by Greg Bishop

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Rob Kristoffersen is an amateur UFO researcher from the Adirondacks of Northern New York. He is the host of the podcast, Our Strange Skies: UFOs Throughout History.