Christina joins an unintentional creative channeling, as we unify the concepts of fairies and cryptids to reach an epiphany: The Fae realm is an invisible microcosmos continuously regulating the ethereal ecology of souls! Sounds familiar, hopefully we are not bastardizing a recently released book…much 😏

Attempting to explain cryptids as members of the fairy folk, we inadvertently realize they may act as elementals, land spirits or even psychopomps!

The rest of the episode we spend breaking down the creative process, pondering whether artistic expression is purely from within, or rather from without: the artist co-creating alongside the collective unconscious and The Other.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to The Crescent Hare, a.k.a. Christina (actually a barn owl in “human” disguise) for sharing the experience of us being fairy-led into the imaginal stream by her amazing cryptid art!!!

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If you wish to proudly display the Seal with a Wheel, or the very… “handsome” face of Indrid Cold, or even a newly fae-rified Braxxie, all of Christina’s art can be found at ⁠⁠


Episode artwork by The Crescent Hare ⁠@thecrescenthare⁠

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