Put more than two people under one roof, and sooner or later, something paranormal — or at the very least, out of the ordinary — is bound to happen. That is, of course, if they are primed for it or exist under extreme tension, whether visible or not. The most ideal circumstances for such occurrences are during ghost hunts, where open-minded paranormal investigators, guests, and other participants, both living and undead, willingly gather to experience genuine fear, even if it’s under the guise of a serious paranormal investigation. It’s as if the anticipation itself often leads to paranormal phenomena — a convergence of energies and collective (sub)consciousness that gives rise to shared experiences. Is it mass hysteria? Multiple instances of cooperative self-suggestion? Or did the witnesses, in their intense desire, inadvertently set off a chain reaction of supernatural events, effectively opening doors to other realms?

In my eyes, it all makes sense, regardless of the direction one chooses to explore in such cases. But what about those groups of people who never anticipated anything unusual, nor had no interest in the paranormal, and yet still found themselves in a nightmare — or perhaps even a glimpse of something more profound? What triggers a collective experience if it’s not something otherworldly or paranormal in nature? Could vivid, shared hallucinations be possible? Maybe. I don’t possess enough knowledge about that particular subject, so I’ll stop to “killgissa”, as we say in Sweden, which means “guy guessing”. However, I remain very curious about how an entire family can witness and experience the same extraordinary phenomenon, just like what occurred in 1967 in Lövåsen, Sweden.

The Strömstrand homestead

On the night of March 4, at the Strömsand homestead, lived Erik and Elsa Söderström along with their children: Lenny, Tommy, Mary-Ann, and Margareta. The homestead sat right by the Vojmån river, slithering through the landscape like an enormous snake. The closest neighbors were three kilometers away, making it an isolated place, with the town of Vilhelmina seven kilometers distant. The ground was still covered in snow, a common occurrence so far up north. Lenny and Tommy had been in the town of Vilhelmina to refuel their father’s car with gasoline and glycol, necessary preparations for his journey the next morning. The temperature plummeted to around minus 20 degrees, demanding extra care for the vehicle. It was half past one in the morning when the brothers crossed the bridge over Vojmån, and that’s when Tommy spotted a large object hovering above the river. At first, Lenny dismissed the strange sight, even as Tommy drew his attention to it. However, as they approached the family homestead, they once again beheld the object — a gray-blue apparition — hovering on the north side of the farm. The sight was both spectacular and eerie. Lenny opted to remain in the car while Tommy rushed inside the house to awaken their parents.

Soon, the entire family, excluding their younger sister Margareta, who was sound asleep, gathered in the kitchen, gazing out at the ominous object. Lenny, still outside in the car, attempted to illuminate the mysterious sight with the headlights. However, a snow embankment obstructed his view, and he eventually abandoned the idea, racing inside to join his family. From their vantage point, Else described the object as a large cigar-shaped form, pointed at both ends. After a brief period, it began moving towards the river. To their astonishment, they then spotted a second object — a smaller one resembling a classic flying saucer — silver-colored and following closely behind the larger craft. Both objects descended into the valley and disappeared rapidly into the distance. But that was not the end of the bizarre encounter! While Erik, his hands trembling with fear, attempted to contact the police but failed, Elsa’s gaze was captivated by a bright red light illuminating one of the buildings. The smaller object had returned! Hovering above a power line near their farm, it triggered Tommy’s instinct to grab his gun and shoot at it, but Erik swiftly intervened, preventing him from doing so. After a few tense minutes, the object finally left, leaving the family bewildered and filled with a sense of unease.

Elsa and Marianne (Photo: Lennart Sehlin)

The following days were consumed by speculation and conversations about what had transpired that fateful night. Rumors spread like wildfire through the small community of Lövåsen, reaching the ears of curious locals who found themselves drawn to the Strömsand homestead. Some dismissed the account as mere figments of imagination, while others were captivated by the idea of an otherworldly presence manifesting in their midst.

Erik, Elsa, and their children became the center of attention, questioned relentlessly about their experience. They recounted the details over and over, each retelling weaving a more intricate tapestry of mystery and wonder. The incident became the talk of the town, sparking debates and raising questions that had no easy answers.

As the days turned into weeks, the memory of that night in March lingered, imprinted in the minds of the Söderström family. They found themselves drawn to books and articles on the paranormal, seeking solace in the experiences of others who had encountered the inexplicable. But despite their efforts to unravel the truth behind their encounter, they could not shake the feeling that they had brushed against a reality far beyond their comprehension.

The incident of 1967 in Lövåsen remained an enigma, a testament to the power of collective experience and the mysteries that lie just beyond the veil of our understanding. It served as a reminder that there are forces in the universe that transcend our ordinary perception, beckoning us to explore the uncharted territories of the extraordinary.

Tommy (Photo: Lennart Sehlin)

And so, the story of the Söderström family and their encounter with the unknown continues to captivate the imagination of those who dare to question the boundaries of what is considered possible. It stands as a testament to the fact that beneath the facade of our everyday lives, a realm of wonder and inexplicable phenomena awaits, ready to reveal itself to those brave enough to seek its secrets.

Fred Andersson is a Swedish story producer, researcher and writer with over twenty years of experience in commercial television and the author of three books. He lives in Märsta, outside Stockholm, with his photographer husband Grzegorz and two overly active cats. Join him on Twitter and Instagram.

As always, a huge thanks to UFO-Sverige and Archives for the Unexplained.

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Fred Andersson is a Swedish story producer, researcher and writer with over twenty years of experience in commercial television and the author of three books. He lives in Märsta, outside Stockholm, with his photographer husband Grzegorz and two overly active cats.