Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of episodes recently. This will be the last of the daily shows for now. Due to a whole bunch of reasons I go into in the episode I’m gonna hold off on doing anymore of these episodes. I will be continuing the interview segment so every Saturday you will have a new Creative Weirdos to look forward too, and I’ll be keeping up with the Weird Delaware Stories! This will allow me to put more energy into both of these aspects of the show that I’ve falling in love with creating. Thank you so much for being a part of this weirdo art experiment over the last 440 days!  It truly means the world to me! 









Band Links:

The Headies: https://theheadies.bandcamp.com/album/meta-pop

Martin: https://squareofoppositionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/martin-slaughter-beach

The Halftones: https://thehalftones.bandcamp.com/album/get-off-my-nerves

Indigo Milkcap: https://indigomilkcap.bandcamp.com/track/walk-spooky-2

Todd Purse


A 2-5 Miniute daily podcast covering the inspiration behind the piece of art I created that day. Magic, The Paranormal , and imagination are just a few things you can expect! Plus interviews with other creative weirdos drop every Saturday!