Barbara opens a never-ending can of worms as we tackle animism, Gaia, light phenomena, consciousness and death!

As the host of 6 Degrees of John Keel, Barbara talks with various experiencers and researchers of high strangeness. She is also a bookworm who memorizes every book she reads!

Thanks to this vast knowledge, and her own personal experiences, Barbara has been developing a theory proposing that the origin of The Other lies within its purest form: anomalous lights.

She puts her Keelian cap on to talk about ultraterrestrials and light beings, while I put my Gaianist cap on to discuss whether our consciousness is connected to the Earth, and the role of microbes in forming our psyches!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Barbara Fisher for putting in the most minimal effort to censor herself, resulting in a hilariously entertaining 2-hour experience! ❤️

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Check out her episode I guested on Episode 82: Science, Gaia and Archetypes with Darwin


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