Stories of hairy creatures across Australia have been with us since the first recorded encounters by colonists in the late 18th century were captured in the early newspapers and pamphlets of the era.

In The Yowie, released in 2006, authors and researchers Tony Healy and Paul Cropper collected hundreds of encounters and witness accounts from across the country to show this is no modern hoax.

In the following years, the surge of digitising old newspapers has seen a whole raft of previously unknown reports come to light along with some incredible modern eye witness experiences, allowing Tony and Paul to add even more evidence of these enigmatic encounters to the record.

In their new book, The Yowie Files, we have hundreds of previously unknown or forgotten accounts collected for the first time.

Tony joins me to discuss some of the cases in the book along with a couple of other cryptids too.

The book can be found here;

Paul’s site is here:

A massive thank you to Tony for his time once again.

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