AP Strange returns to carefully tap-dance around the miraculous yet ethically questionable history of sideshows!

Our idea was to discuss the 1932 Todd Browning movie “Freaks”, emphasizing the amazing careers and inspirational life stories of its diverse cast, who came in all shapes and sizes.

But as is the case when discussing the old timey sideshow circuit and its performers, we quickly ended up having to navigate through a minefield of controversy, exploitation, moral dilemmas, and a giant mirror reflecting back at ourselves!

Nevertheless, we kept ourselves in the safety of the spotlight, sharing insight into the lives of these exceptional individuals, who overcame tremendous physical and societal challenges to master skills and talents which convey the magic and power of human will.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to AP Strange for soothing our ears with his delightful voice! Hopefully he decides to narrate a few audiobooks and not get sued in the process ❤️

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Intro sampled from “Something strange lurks in the shadows” by Francisco Sánchez (@fanchisanchez)

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