I guested on Bug in a Rug Podcast to talk about a giant mosquito cryptid!

If you were on Fear Factor and had to decide between an eagle-sized mosquito drinking your blood or a hot coal thrown on your back, which would you choose?

Join us as we discuss the tall tale of the Averasboro Gallinipper, a giant mosquito that supposedly tormented the swamps of North Carolina!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Kaitlyn for letting me feature my guest appearance from her show! Everyone knows I love talking about giant insects, and how they totally cannot exist in modern times!

Check out her podcast, Bug in a Rug Podcast ⁠HERE⁠

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Check out this episode with a topic suggested by us! (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) ⁠Ep. 101 The Murder of Robert Beckowitz⁠



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