A peak into an open and honest conversation between 2 friends about fear, change and personal growth!

Trina co-hosts the podcast Spooks, Creeps and Assorted Devilry, a role she found very difficult adapting to but which ultimately transformed her into a more positive and sincere individual.

Today we sat down not as podcast hosts, but as two regular, honest and vulnerable people, discussing the role of fear in shaping our decisions and beliefs, the masks we wear in order to avoid confrontations, the magickal power of intent, Tarot reading for personal guidance, as well as the role of kindness and hospitality in diffusing antagonism from other people, but also entities as well!

P.S.: Yes, there is no intro. This is not an episode, rather it is personal conversation between people. By some strange circumstances it made its way on the feed so y’all may listen in!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Trina Close for this honest, inspiring and open conversation, as well as her kindness and hospitality leading us to become great friends! ❤️

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