Elizabeth shares a slice of her experiences with sleep paralysis, as well as all associated entities! Shadow people, hags, hatman, biblical angels, fae… even knife man (a new one), she’s seen ’em all! We even throw unicorns and mermaids into the mix to make the episode more whimsical!

Can sleep demons actually be angels, and can sleep paralysis be a gateway towards lucid dreaming? Along the way we discuss the relationship between religion, spirituality and science, we attempt to communicate with our child selves, and share the burdens of being fellow indie/hobbyist podcast creators.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Elizabeth from Slice of Life Podcast for being brave and sharing her very personal, very spiritual experiences!

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Intro sampled from “⁠Something strange lurks in the shadows⁠” by Francisco Sánchez (⁠@fanchisanchez⁠)

Sound effects obtained from ⁠https://www.zapsplat.com⁠


This is a republish of my original episode ⁠Slice of Sleep Paralysis – with Elizabeth from Slice of Life⁠, published on April 25th 2022.



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