One evening in February 1992 I was walking my girlfriend home at approx midnight. She lived in the same village but, at the other side of the valley from me and the walk involved walking down the hill my house was situated on, through the village centre and up another hill, I would estimate the distance to be approx 1.5 miles each way.
The night was clear and we enjoyed looking at the stars as we got to the top of the hill where her house was situated and just stood leaning on a wall looking over the valley.
Having grown up here we both knew the moorland which surrounds our village exceptionally well. All of a sudden possibly no more than 1 mile away (at the most) as the crow flies we witnessed an exceptionally bright light. We tried to place the location in our mind and knew that to the right of it as we looked there was a farm which was around a corner and out of site. We expected to hear a noise of a tractor although it was probably about 00:30hrs by now and didn’t really expect anyone to be working. The night was silent and we would presume that we would hear the noise of a vehicle even at that distance.
To our surprise the light shot to the left as we looked at it and would have covered an approx distance of about half a mile within no more than 1 second, it was so fast we didn’t really see it move.
It remained here for a period of time before moving to the right again. There was no noise and the speed was too fast for it to be a vehicle travelling on an unprepared farm track.
We continued to watch the light make these movements sometimes the full distance other times in incremental steps in either direction. After about half an hour it just disappeared.
We were both speechless but, having both seen it, we were assured that it wasn’t in our imagination.

Submitted by Guy

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