AUGUST 3, 2022

I was walking to a friend’s house but I decided to have a break in a little hut just outside the football oval. I cleaned up the place real quick and took a seat a played on my phone. it was about 12 In the afternoon so it was still bright out but I was browsing my phone for a pretty long time about an hour or two I was so hooked on my phone that when I got up it was dark out and no one could be seen around. I was in a dilemma; did I really browse my phone for 9 hours straight or is something wrong with me? I was so scared and bamboozled that I just ran to my friend’s house yet she was asleep as well as her whole family. I checked my phone and it said 9 PM I didn’t know what to think of it. I then went to a nearby convenience store and asked the cashier what the time was and he said “9:30, sir”. I had no idea what happened or how it happened but I was scared and just decided to catch a taxi home and go to bed.

Submitted by Reese L

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