MARCH 4, 2023

My roommate and I have gotten the feeling of something being in the woods at night several times before and discussed it, but didn’t look too much into it since we figured it wasn’t our domain. Once, her mom’s dog was looking in there weirdly and we decided to pull him back and not bother with it.
But then the dog ran away, and we had to look for him. We were walking along the path next to the forest, whistling, and my roommate decided to walk into the forest. At night. While whistling and clapping for a dog.

After only a few steps in the forest, we both felt something and stopped. In the stillness of the night, I swear I could hear the sound of gentle footsteps, like a rhythmic sound of tree branches falling. We both started to leave and the steps got faster, so we started to run out. As we left the treeline, we felt something large whoosh towards us. But by the time we got to a light, we couldn’t see anything. It never seemed to exit the forest, and I think it just didn’t want us in there at night.

There’s more stuff surrounding the incident on other dates and times, but I don’t think that pertains to this specific incident.

Submitted by Rhapsody

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