In 1977 a series of UFO and humanoid sightings would capture the headlines in and around West Wales. Sightings of cigar shaped objects and saucers became common place. On Ripperstone farm, the Coombs family were plagued by a number of curious incidents, which included UFOs, encounters with tall spacemen, disembodied hands, and men in black. These events would mirror themselves at the Haven Fort Hotel, where Rosa Grenville and her family were likewise visited by strange figures and men in black suits.

Some would come to call it The Dyfed Enigma, others the Terror Triangle or The Welsh Triangle, and even the Broad Haven Triangle. But whatever you want to call it, what you’re about to hear is very strange and frightening.

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The Dyfed Enigma: Unidentified Flying Objects in West Wales by Randall Jones Pugh & F.W. Holiday

The Welsh Triangle by Peter Paget

The Uninvited by Clive Harold

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The Broad Haven Triangle

UFO Sightings: The Welsh Triangle – A National Geographic Documentary

The Ripperston Farm Extraterrestrials – The Paranormal Scholar

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