Hey there! Weird to hear from us in the summer, isn’t it? Well, we saw that the anniversary of the Bath School Massacre was just a few days ago, and we thought it might be a nice treat to release Kay’s true crime episode on the disaster. Enjoy this sneak peak of our Patreon! Every month Kay brings you a piece of Michigan crime history, along with other fun peeks behind the curtain. Head to patreon.com/hauntedmitten to sign up!


And calling all local artists, business-owners, fellow podcasters, and more! We’re looking for sponsors for our FIFTH season! We love supporting small business, hobbies, and local art! Email us at contacthauntedmitten@gmail.com for more info!

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I am a paranormal researcher, investigator, and podcaster. I write fiction as well, and listen to way too much true crime to be healthy.