I guested on Horror Makes You Brave to discuss one of the most 90s nineties things that’s ever 90s: R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series!

For this special collaborative episode, I suggested Goosebumps as a topic and Landen chose his favorite of the series — and one of the more obscure
titles — The Haunted School.

Spoilers: there are no ghosts in this haunted school. Also spoilers: this is one of THE BEST Goosebumps books ever written!

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Huge THANK YOU!!! to Landen from Horror Makes You Brave for letting me feature my guest appearance from his show! I am proud to showcase the Goosebumps series on my own feed as well, and have been revisiting my childhood with it for the past year.

Check out his podcast Horror Makes You Brave ⁠HERE⁠

Follow Landen on Instagram ⁠@autopsypodcast⁠ or Twitter ⁠@autopsy_podcast⁠

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