Mothboy Mike shares his spiritual pilgrimage through West Virginia, paying homage to a cast of colorful Fortean icons!

Co-hosting the Mothboys Podcast, and authoring a new children’s book about the Vegetable Man, Mikey has been nurturing a recent interest in the writings and colorful life of Gray Barker.

Driven by an otherworldly compulsion, Mike has been making multiple pilgrimages to the Gray Barker archives in Clarksburg, WV, familiarizing himself with Gray’s often overlooked case materials and personal correspondences… but the journey did not end there!

Along the way he has been making stops to the grave site of Jennings Frederick, paying his respects to the Vegetable Man witness.

The recent sad passing of Robert Cockrell, the Grafton Monster witness, compelled Mikey to assume the role of the monster’s avatar, serving as a beacon of inspiration and curiosity to all who remember this wonderful story.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Michael Strayer for opening up and sharing his inspirational and very touching journey of paying homage to some of West Virginia’s most incredible Fortean icons! ❤️

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