This is a super special Creative Weirdos installment with John E.L. Tenney.  I’ve been inspired by Tenney’s work since I discovered the deeper side of the weird and have always resonated with the playful, positive, and unique ways he presents ideas around the paranormal. This convo covers a lot of the pods normal topics (magic, comics, real life super hero encounters etc) but with some unique thought seeds  planted by Tenney that I find myself still thinking about regularly. Go check out all of Tenney’s work linked below and have the best day! 

John E.L. Tenney’s Links:

Twitter: @JohnELTenney


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Instagram: @toddde85



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The Headies:


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A 2-5 Miniute daily podcast covering the inspiration behind the piece of art I created that day. Magic, The Paranormal , and imagination are just a few things you can expect! Plus interviews with other creative weirdos drop every Saturday!