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2018 – ONGOING

this one takes place across a few time periods and has a few layers in it. this is when i had to get rid of a [entity] but in order to do that i had to heal a land curse and close portals that i accidentally opened as a young physical medium by accident. lets start when i moved back to the family land. ive always known about the man of the land even as a teen. we bought the land in 2001. growing up whenever i was having a hard time i would go outside and do witchy things and channel all of my emotions into “portals” of course i had no clue the damage i was doing and who i was upsetting doing it: the man of my land, who is the spirit of a [local] man that mixed with elemental energy. he did so to get rid of my family mainly probably bc i was tainting the land. fast foward to me moving back. he didnt want us back and with the merge of the elemental energy he was able to make a [entity] manifest. this thing would attack our dreams, throw its voice with horrible sounds, make very large claw like scrapings down the house. it would tell me everything it was in my dreams. the dreams were horrible and scary. and man this thing could take on any form of fear to get to you. ultimately just wanting to eat you. (i dream travel and do spiritual work)so in order to get rid of this thing before it got physical i had to make peace with the man of the land. i had to close all the portals i may have opened. i had to garden the land the way he would like it (we both compromise but his ideas are usually very beautiful) i had to do land cleansing on a big scale, i made tools to offer him. i listen to him, he loves the music we play and the sage we make. really we just joined him into our family as an elder we consult. over time his opinion of us changed. the [entity] left. he wont let go of the people of the mud just yet. which all i know is there are old settlers. this is something im happy to do the rest of my life just to make sure the connection i have to the land is strong and in good intentions.

Submitted by Rachel P

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