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2004 – 2013

I lived in this house that was surely haunted for 10 years. We moved in when I was a baby so I grew up here and several strange things happened while I lived here. Doors would slam shut, we would literally see the button on our TV click in to shut off and the volume on the TV would randomly be turned all the way down, one time my aunt was doing paper work in the kitchen and all her papers randomly got thrown to the ground and a ton of books from a bookshelf got knocked over. I always felt cold chills constantly and goosebumps which I stopped experiencing once I moved out. My sister always felt like she was being watched when she would sleep and woke up once with scratch marks on her leg. I had my uncle doing work on the house when I was a toddler and he saw my shadow playing in the backyard but I wasn’t home. Dogs would act weird sometimes and randomly bark or act scared in the master bedroom. My cousin even saw the hat man once. The house belonged to a woman who passed away before we moved and I wonder if that has anything to do with the weird paranormal stuff that went down in that house. When my sister was in elementary school the kids on the bus would joke around saying that house was haunted because there was a big red paint splatter on it that looked like blood (we removed it once we moved in) and coincidentally we ended up moving in after my sister heard those rumors.

Submitted by Alex
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