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If you build it they will come lol. my hubby and i were clearing our front property next to a couple of fairy houses we build. he has one of those old tools to clear brush, and ive just got a pair of clompers. we are about 5 feet away from each other our focus on the land in front of us. i do channeling whenever i work with the land as part of the land healing that i was doing. (working on healing a land curse, another story) anyways all of a sudden you could feel a change in the energy like a ripple in time. my husband and i looked at each other and right in the middle of us you could see the bottom half of this flying green little naked man. he was right in the middle of disappearing. (i think big foots can do the same thing) then it hit me on what we saw. a man fairy, well the bottom half of one. his skin was rough looking, almost like it had bumps, and the color green it was, was not pleasant. we could also see the bottom of its wings. the fairy houses that we build were doing its job. id be ok not seeing another one honestly. they were also more of the size of my arm, i could only imagine what the rest of them would look like. i still love them and help them keep their gardens and homes, but being startled by one, im ok with again.

Submitted by Rachel P
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