Theshira helps us navigate the world of South African river deities, serpentine cryptids and black magick!

As the host of Legendary Africa Podcast, and resident South African, Theshira researches folklore and legends from all across the African continent, stories which throughout the centuries have most often been lost to history or irreparably warped by colonial influence.

Today we present our collaborative research into the Mamlambo, a figure which has assumed many forms throughout the years: serpent goddess, witch’s familiar, brain-sucking river monster, even wealthy and seductive white foreigners!

But with the advent of Western capitalism in South Africa, we are also bearing witness to a bizarre cultural transformation, where figures of traditional belief are molded and repurposed into embodiments of modern globalization and capitalistic greed!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Theshira from Legendary Africa for sharing so many important insights, allowing us to frame our conversation within its proper cultural and social context! ❤️

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