For more wacky (and politically incorrect) conversations with myself and Shibble check out his podcast Uncle Monster’s Spooky Time Fright Hour! I guested on their newest episode yesterday where Shibble, Ethan and I discussed the Scottish horse monster known as the Nuckelavee… as well as a lot of horse penises! 

Listen to it on: Episode 408: Nucklavees and Horse Dongs Featuring Special Guest, Vuk!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Shibble from Uncle Monster’s Spooky Time Fright Hour for spraining his ankles tap-dancing around the questionable issues I threw at him! Thankfully, he is not the editor of this podcast, so everything remained as is in all its hilarity! 🤣

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Intro sampled from “⁠Something strange lurks in the shadows⁠” by Francisco Sánchez (⁠@fanchisanchez⁠)

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A researcher we are so proud of briefly communicating with, who provided us kind words and affirmation we are on the right track: 

Thompson, Katrina Daly (2017). Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings.

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