British folklorist Amy Boucher shares tales of ghosts, witches, mermaids and devils from her home county of Shropshire, England!

Through her blog Nearly Knowledgeable History, Amy explores oftentimes overlooked folk tales of Shropshire, which highlight the county’s unique cultural and historic identity, but also an immense amount of high strangeness.

Among the many tales discussed are stories of ghost barges carrying victims of the Black plague, encounters with a tricksterish devil known as Owd Scratch, the life and turmoils of the last known Shropshire sin eater, ending the episode off with wacky stories of a horseback-riding spectral ape man!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Amy Boucher, a.k.a. NearlyKnowledgeable, for documenting and sharing so many awesomely whimsical tales which blend traditional folklore with high strangeness!❤️

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