Anomaly-NOW! 4/26/2023 – Anomalous Animal Deaths in Texas

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Anomaly-NOW! 4/26/2023

Madison County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the death and mutilation of cattle along TX-OSR

Law enforcement investigating deaths, mutilation of cattle in Madison, Robertson, Brazos Counties
Six cows found dead, mutilated with no sign of struggle
By Christian Terry, Digital Content Producer, April 19, 2023

Cows turning up dead with tongues, sex organs removed.
Texas officials aren’t sure why.
By Brandi D. Addison, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, April 24, 2023

More than 18,000 cows are dead after dairy farm explosion in Texas Panhandle
By Jayme Lozano-Carver and Erin Douglas, The Texas Tribune, April 13, 2023

1 hospitalized in Lubbock after dairy farm explosion in Castro County (VIDEO)
By Chelsea Collinsworth, Published: Apr. 11, 2023 at 8:14 AM

Nearly 20,000 Dairy Cows Killed, Worker Injured in Explosion, Fire at Texas Farm One employee critically injured in an explosion and fire at the Southfork Dairy in Dimmitt, Texas, on Monday
By NBCDFW Staff, April 11, 2023

Debris Rains Down on Protected Wildlife After Starship Explosion
By Victor Tangermann, APR 20

“Colonizing Our Community”: Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Explodes in Texas as Feds OK New LNG Projects
DemocracyNow – APRIL 21, 2023

FLASHBACK: Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch site threatens wildlife, Texas environmental groups say
The site in Boca Chica, south Texas is surrounded by protected lands that host a huge range of local wildlife including turtles and hundreds of bird species
By Dianna Wray, Sun 5 Sep 2021

‘We don’t seem to learn’: 10 years after tragic Texas chemical explosion, risk remains high
Ten years after fertilizer explosion, the impact ripples through one Texas town.
By Rick Jervis USA TODAY, Apr. 10, 2023 / Updated Apr. 17, 2023

Huge explosion rips through fireworks warehouse killing hundreds of animals in lake
Footage shows the immense blast which resulted in a fire earlier this week, while luckily no one was injured it resulted in loads of aquatic life dying
By Rachel Hagan, World News Reporter, 23 Apr 2023

“He ran the Pentagon’s UFO program – and says the government is hiding important truths”
The Truth Is Out There. So Is Lue Elizondo. Unidentified craft are entering restricted U.S. airspace. Elizondo wants to ensure they don’t cause the next Pearl Harbor.
Popular Mechanics – May/June 2023

This Is Extraordinary: Gravity Can Create Light, All on Its Own All on its own.
By Jackie Appel, APR 17, 2023

The Weird and the Banal – Plus News and Notes
By Erik Davis,, APR 24, 2023

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