Brigid mercilessly devours the show with a vast knowledge of Chthonic deities and the Dark Feminine!

As a mythology lecturer, author of “Death and the Maiden“, and creator of Chthonia Podcast, Brigid Burke possesses an extraordinary knowledge of deities and creatures of the underworld, with a strong focus on dark feminine figures from a diverse pool of worldwide pantheons.

Today she joins to share insights into female monsters and muses of Greek myth, embodiments of Hindu goddesses, the ties between fear of death and the dark feminine, Jungian archetypes of the shadow, trickster, devouring mother and even the anima, as well as the convoluted story of Big Mama herself: Gaia!

Grab a copy of Brigid’s book Death and the Maiden HERE


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Brigid Burke of Chthonia Podcast for her patience and openness to share these marvelous and oftentimes convoluted mythological intricacies! ❤️

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Grab a copy of Brigid’s book Death and the Maiden: The Curious Relationship Between the Fear of the Feminine and the Fear of Death HERE


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