Author and folklorist Morgan Daimler returns to discuss the role of A.I. in reshaping folklore, leading to a potential future where cultural nuance is lost in favor of a bland tasteless gray goo!

With the rise in popularity of A.I.-driven writing tools, nowadays we are witnessing never-before-seen transformations of cultural tropes into incoherent, conflicting and homogeneous gobbledygook. But is this truly a new phenomenon, or have we been diluting and mixing up folklore for centuries?

Morgan and I also discuss the turmoils of researching the history of fairy belief, the influence of Christians and Victorians in reshaping fairy lore, and how modern nontraditional tropes make their way into not just our pop culture, but also bleed into the real world through anecdotal encounters with the Good Folk!

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Huge THANK YOU!!! to Morgan Daimler for engaging in yet another fascinating conversation! ❤️ Be it from our cool selves or some divine force, we felt so inspired that we actually recorded 3 episodes before this one even got released! 😁

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