This morning the dreams came closer to 5AM. 

I was in a classroom with other students, we were led into another room that was ALL WHITE – there was some official-looking men there, a Fire Chief and maybe some Military General and Scientists or Medical personal in white coats. Nothing about this was weird, it seemed we were volunteers being used to test out a new “Fire Retardant” system that would be pumped into the room. We were told that this new gas was just as effective as Halon but wouldn’t be damaging on our lungs, being it was a derivative of CO2 that had proven effective and we would be the first human trial. The General kept talking, we were made to lay down in a beds pushed closely together. The fifteen or so student volunteers all waited as the General said “This new system would not endanger you – it even has a pleasant odor” – he was righteous, the gas was wafting in from the ceiling vents and made me feel sleepy. The smell was quite pleasant, some of the students coughed “Those of you who have allergies might experience some discomfort” was the reason given over the speaker.

I began to panic. “There is a pleasant mixture to make the air pleasant” as the General spoke, I smelled flowers like Jasmine and Lavender. The gas filled the room completely. I blacked out.

What felt like hours later but was only mere minutes according to the clock on the wall – I woke up to see all the other students still “Sleeping” and wondered why I was able to escape the effects of this gas. I decided not to move, in case this was some twisted government program rather than scientific testing. My fear kept me still – then the dream ended.

The next dream follows directly after. Many times a dream presents information and your mind (my mind at least) will pause the “episode” in order to fill in the blanks from earlier on – either because your attention wasn’t really on the dream or you have doubts about the dream without this lost information. My dream involves groceries, I arrive at the top of the stairs with several bags in tow. My brother is there and similarly laden down with an equally abundant load. I begin to put my things into the fridge, except my brother had filled his things in first, there was hardly enough room to fit mine. My idea was to separate the door from the fridge, when it came loose though, two eggs fell out – one cracked open, the other didn’t break. 

Now I became upset because one egg was unusable, but in my mind I was puzzled why the other didn’t break. I took paper towels and began to wipe the mess up and handed the unbroken egg to my brother. When I finished putting the load away my brother wasn’t there. Confused as to where he took off to without a word – I ran to the window that faced the street. I recognized my brother driving a van that wasn’t familiar to me, it was an older Dodge van from the 70’s painted RED, the paint was sun-dried splotchy and showed signs of rust. He was trying to back into the empty parking space but a man was giving him a hard time trying to say my brother wasn’t paying attention – this echoed my dream from several days earlier of parking my car.

My brother successfully parked the car, getting out to bring up the groceries again – I step out of the other side of the van to grab my groceries… the weirdness was enough for me to wake up – seeing the activity in the dream I had missed.

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Gabe Miranda lives a stones throw from uptown Charlotte, enjoys Star gazing and creating chaos on Twitter. Currently working on editing diary posts to self publish his first book.