The dream this morning was more than likely influenced by simple association from earlier this evening. While watching one program on “Monsters” the narrator spoke about how primates, when agitated and aggressive, will attack and maul the face. I found this part interesting because this information was woven into the narrative in the movie “Nope”. The second association was from my own nightly “Goodnight” on Twitter. This time I chose a GIF (I say “JIFF”) that looked like you were flying up to the sun, except I wrote: “Time to set sail…” not knowing that traveling being by boat would be the main theme of the coming nightmare.

    By the time I “Drop In” on the dream, there must’ve been several conversations, at least it felt that way. It was decided to travel by boat to our destination, even though for me, the location wasn’t entirely clear up to that point. My feeling of being on a ship going through tropical or south Pacific waters with not much of a breeze and calm seas, was relaxing me on deck – as I stood by the rail watching several distant rocky islands off in the distance. “Not much further, we just have to find our way to the cove” mentioned my companion, who up until he spoke wasn’t even a thought in my mind. The ocean had rapt me in a reverie – the sun and sea a perfect elixir for what ailed me.

    Still unaware of where we were headed the mountainous archipelago loomed more massively than when I first spotted them, I hadn’t accounted for the curvature of the earth. The way through the more rockier, almost pre-historic islets was feeling vaguely familiar. The main island we were headed for was massive, hidden from view of the ocean by the taller mountains, this reminded me of perhaps the remnants of some volcanic catastrophe long ago, tearing the cone into several parts – the long-dead center becoming an Island lost to time. Mentally I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see… we were headed to KONG Island.

    I was taken aback by the view ahead of me, massive timbers staked into the ocean, a palisade to keep out the dangers in the ocean and on the prehistoric island. This was the only area allotted to the proto-human natives. A fortress built on bamboo stakes above the waters nearly 70′ above the shoreline. Not far off in the distance standing behind on the beach head, was the gargantuan simian, Kong – who had appeared for his sacrifice from the natives, a God who’s appeasement allowed for protection and symbiotic respect. Our appearance on the coast couldn’t have been worse timing for us. The sight of our ship angered the God, a roar of disapproval echoed out through the cove. Careful not to destroy HIS village, the ape entered the water, meaning to deal swiftly with our vessel.

    Alarms sounded on deck. Crew members abandoned the boat while others heeded the Captain’s call, rushing about while the craft strained full-ahead trying to out-flank the beasts approach, so that a hard turn would point our only defense – a whale harpoon mounted aft, to be positioned squarely to piece it’s heart. We abandoned the to deck, seeking shelter inside the crew house, figuring that the monster might sink the ship quickly, leaving us seconds to escape to the water and hide among floating debris. 

    Kong reached the boat faster than we could turn, everyone tossed around when the massive hands gripped the boat. The engines flooding immediately from the abrupt stop. Our choice of hiding places wasn’t nearly effective, it was the first place the great ape punched through. A giant eye above the hole in the roof searched for movement – my companion lost composure trying to run, I lay deadly still among loose items and roof debris. The giant eye caught the movement and a hand swooped in, grabbing my companion up screaming. The screams stopped and I could hear the crunch of his bones in the monster’s teeth. Now occupied by his new “sacrifice” I thought it would be easier to escape, I clambered back to the door but knocked over a case that contained glass, getting the beasts attention.

    What happened next was totally unexpected. As if by some cosmic miracle or joke from beyond, I heard the familiar Screech-Groan-Haruuumph of the giant Atomic Kaiju Lizard… Godzilla! In an even more ridiculous attempt to calm down the dream, the heavy brass entry theme of the afore-mentioned “Titanus Gojira” cuts in.. and I know that at least for the moment I would be safe, that was until the coming fight trashed what remained of the rapidly sinking ship. The music gets louder, I guess echoing the proximity of Godzilla’s approach. Luckily for me the absurd musical intro was enough to break the spell of the dream and I began waking up.

    I didn’t even know how to write this one up because it was so incredulous. Taking good with the bad, I figured “What the heck” and began tapping out this dream.

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Gabe Miranda lives a stones throw from uptown Charlotte, enjoys Star gazing and creating chaos on Twitter. Currently working on editing diary posts to self publish his first book.