Caite discusses the inherent whimsical nature of high strangeness, advocating a more playful approach to engaging the weird!

As a digital artist, puppeteer and former band member, Caite often utilizes creativity and optimism during her paranormal investigations, as well as multiple goofy run-ins with The Other.

We discuss the reflective nature of the paranormal, how fear-based interactions with The Other often serve as projections of our own trauma, Caite’s wacky encounter of a pair of walking socks, and how puppetry and animation may prove to be powerful tools of engaging the phenomenon!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Caite, a.k.a. Steampowered Mouse, for playfully and optimistically engaging in such a joyful and uplifting discussion! ❤️ Hopefully her own socks stay in their drawer!

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Check out her appearance on Personal Pans: 4. Goosebumps and the call to adventure with Caite of Steampowered Mouse


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