On August 17, 1966, Paulo Cordeiro Azevedo dos Santos went bird hunting on Morro do Vintém, a hill that overlooked the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Niterói in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of birds, he stumbled upon a horrifying scene: two lifeless bodies, partially covered in vegetation. He rushed to report his disturbing discovery to local radio patrol officer Antônio Guerra, but his story was dismissed as a prank. The following day, 18-year-old Jorge da Costa Alves and his friends went searching for Alves’ lost kite and were hit with a putrid odor that led them to the same bodies. Alves immediately reported the discovery to the Niterói police station.

Join us as we discuss the bizarre details of the Lead Masks case, including a sneaky dog, criminals with lame nicknames, extraterrestrial revenge, and a man called Pizza.

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