Shane returns to share stories of shapeshifting dogmen, giant space clams, car-driving gnomes, pole-dancing aliens, even a Chinese man’s sexual encounters with a hairy-legged Michelin Man!

As co-host of Dark Notes Podcast, Shane spends his free time reading and sharing the most ridiculous weird-ass shit you will ever hear! So we joined forces today to read you a collection of our favorite high strangeness stories from our ever-growing book collections.

Hilarity ensues along the way as we get fucked over by technology, yet again! Shane got lost into a time slip for 8 minutes, but no worries! I remedied that with the wonders of modern A.I. technology.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Shane/UFO Bigfoot from Dark Notes Podcast for joining again to share bizarre stories from his favorite books!

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Intro sampled from “Something strange lurks in the shadows” by Francisco Sánchez (@fanchisanchez)

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Jacques Vallée (1969), Passport to Magonia: from Folklore to Flying Saucers. Regnery

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Wood Eating Amish Country Goose Grabber by Cole Herrold

Janet Bord (1998), Fairies: Real Encounters With Little People. Dell

Trevor James Constable (1990), The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs. Borderland Sciences Research Foundation

David Weatherly (2021), Monsters of the Tar Heel State: Cryptids & Legends of North Carolina. Eerie Lights Publishing

Stan Gordon (2010), Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook. Stan Gordon Productions

Meet the Chinese Lumberjack Who Slept With an Alien

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