Todd joins as we attempt to twist and over-exaggerate the very true falsehood of a completely fabricated forgery fish which was totally considered a genuinely authentic species…for over 5 decades!

What would you do if you were served an atrocious fish of unknown origin? You’d eat it! And you’d pay for it as well!

But you certainly would not try to document it in the annals of biological literature as a newly discovered species, because a century down the line a pair of weirdos may dig up your secret little blunder and make a show of it, use it to have a few laughs, promote mystical thought, but worst of all: expose that the scientific method is always susceptible to human error!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Todd Purse for radiating with so much enthusiasm and positive energy, but also for the amazing episode artwork he made!

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Episode artwork by Todd Purse ⁠@toddde85⁠

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